Step 4: Attach Related Files To A Job

      One of the big payoffs to using Systemize to manage your business workflow is always having customer information readily available – not off in a crew member’s van or buried in a stack of folders.

      • For this reason, you may want to scan the paper files you already have for the Job you just entered, especially signed agreements, and attach them electronically. All your information will be in one convenient, easily accessible place!
      • You can also attach Word, Excel, PDF, CAD or other electronic files that are related to a Job.

      1. From the Job Details page, look for the Files area, you may need to scroll down to see it.

    image file area callout

      2. To add a file, click on the Add (+) icon on the left side of the field.

      image attach file button

      3. Click on Choose File To Upload button when the Attach File To Job box opens. From there, you can navigate your computer directory and select the file you want to upload. 

      image choose file

      Once you return to the Attach File To Job, click on the File Type drop down list to select a label for your file. These File Type labels will help you keep your attached files organized.

      image file type

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