Adding Quotes From CounterGo To A Job In Systemize

You can easily add your CounterGo Quotes to a Job created in Systemize. If you already have created the job in Systemize, follow the steps below. If you have not created the Job in Systemize yet, see the Related Article, Create a Systemize Job Directly From CounterGo listed at the end of this article.

1. Select CounterGo from your left side navigation list.

Navigating or Switching from Systemize to CounterGo

2. Select the quote from your Quotes List.

opening quote from quote list

3. Once you see the Quote Details, click on the Edit icon to assign the Quote to a Job in Systemize.

Edit Quote Info

4. Select the More (...) icon to open a list of Jobs from Systemize.

view of edit quote add job callout

5. Select the Job from the list in Systemize and click Save once you return to the Edit Quote box.

Select Job / Search Active Jobs

Switch back to Systemize by selecting Systemize from the left side navigation list and open the Job. Your CounterGo quote will be attached!

View of CG-Quotes from within a Job in Systemize

You can repeat this process to add multiple CounterGo Quotes to the same Job.

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