Create A Systemize Job Directly From CounterGo

You can easily create a Job in Systemize, directly from a CounterGo Quote!

1. Select the Quote from your main list in CounterGo to open the Quote Details page.
open quote from quote details page
2. If this is a Standalone customer, you can create both the Account and the Job at the same time. Click on the Create (+) icon.
create a new account and job for this quote
3. The Account Name and Job Name fields will auto populate, you can make any necessary edits. Be sure the Create Job radio button is selected, then click Save.
create job and account
4. This will take you directly to the Job in Systemize. Since this Job was created from a Standalone customer, it is a good idea to add the Job Address immediately by clicking on the Create (+) icon in the Job Address field. You can then edit this Job in the same way you add information to all your Jobs in Systemize.
add job address to a job
If you have already created the  Job in Systemize, you can easily assign it to the Quote in CounterGo to pull that information into Systemize. Check out the article Adding Quotes From CounterGo To A Job In Systemize. Or just let any of us here know if you want more information on getting your CounterGo Quotes attached.

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