Step 5: Using Job Issues

Job Issues are used to track problems or important details regarding Jobs. Because date, time, and the user are logged when changes are made to Job Issues, they are also a good place to take notes while different people work.

Icons for Open issues or Urgent issues are used to alert everyone of Job Issues throughout Systemize. By clicking on the Job Issue from the various locations, you can open the Update Job Issue box to view notes or make updates.

Open Issue Icon open Issue icon image
Urgent Issue Icon

In the Job Details page, scroll to the bottom of the page to add a Job Issue.

scroll to bottom for job issues

Type in a brief Subject and select a Status from the drop down list. Enter any necessary notes. To finish, click Save.

image job issue

You will return to the Job Details page and your Job Issue is now listed.

Job Issue view on Job Page

You will see the Job Issue indicaetd in several areas throughout Systemize.

Job Issue alert by job info

You’ve now created a new Job, scheduled the Template Activity, and entered the important details in a Job Form. The Calendar will make more sense if you enter a few more real Jobs following these same steps.

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