Print Activity Packets

You can print  Activity Packets for your crews directly from the Calendar. Activity Packets pull Job details, attached files and CounterGo drawings if you're using CounterGo, and compile the information for each Activity on your Calendar for a given day. You can then send it all to the printer at once - rather than standing at the copier for an hour. See Related Articles below if you want to customize your Activity Packets.

  1. In the previous article we were in the Template Schedule view in your Calendar. From this view, click the Print icon.

    Choose the  Date, Activity Type, Assigned To the Number of Days, and Job Activity Packet type that you want to include. Click Print.Print packets or forms from the calendar

  2. The Packet you select will bundle different forms and attached files depending on whether the Activity is a Template or Install.

    Template Activities on the Calendar will pull: Job Summary, Job Checklist, Job Issue report if there is an open or urgent issue, attached files that are labeled "Customer Drawing," and the CounterGo drawing attached to that Job if you are using CounterGo. 

    Install Activities will pull: Job Summary, Job Checklist, Job Issue report if applicable, and attached files that are labeled "Shop Drawing."
  3. If you want to print Activity Packets for your Shop, you do not need to change your Calendar view, you can simply change the selected parameters in the View Printable Calendar box. Click the Print icon and change the Activity Type to Fabrication. Change the Job Activity Packet to Shop Packet.

    The Shop Packet uses a different header, and then it pulls in a copy of each Area Details form attached to the Job, as well as any attached files that are labeled "Shop Drawing." 

    print shop packets

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