Step 8: Using Job Views

Sometimes it's useful to look at a list of your Jobs rather than a Calendar View. You can have different Job Views that filter and display different information depending on what you're trying to accomplish.

  1. Click on Jobs from the left side navigation menu.

    image jobs callout

  2. You can re-sort this view any time by clicking on any column heading to sort by that heading. In the image below, note the triangle next to Template - Date, and the header field is a darker shade of blue. This indicates the list is being sorted by that heading.

    image sort header

  3. The Sun icon indicates Activities that are schedule for today. If you see a Moon and Stars icon, that Activity is past due. It was scheduled for a date in the past but was never moved forward or marked complete. 

    image sun moon callout
    If you know the Activity was completed, you can click on the date and choose Change Status to mark it Complete.

    image click on job
    image change status

  4. Click the Views button to choose another Saved View. Select the Unconfirmed Templates view. This view is a sort of "To Do List" for you if you want to call customers in advance to confirm the Template date and time. Notice the phone numbers are displayed in this view - making it simple to call and confirm, then change the Status from Estimate to Confirmed.

    image unconfirmed phone callout

  5. Notice that once the Status changes Confirmed, the Job is no longer listed in this View - because this view was created to display only Unconfirmed Templates.

    You might assign one person in your company to look at the Unconfirmed Installs and the Unconfirmed Templates views every day, and to try to bring the list to zero each day.

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