Step 10: Erase Your Whiteboard & Go Live

Finally, the step you've been looking forward to and perhaps dreading - erasing your whiteboard and flipping the switch to  Go Live with Systemize!

This is where all the work and planning pays off and you reward everyone in your company with the ability to easily find customers, check the status of Jobs and Activities in real-time, and do their jobs more effectively.

How do I know if we are ready to Go Live?
Have you:

  1. Completed Steps 0-9 of the Getting Started Guide?
  2. Entered at least two completed Jobs into Systemize?
  3. Created Assignees for anyone who will be assigned to an Activity (Settings>Jobs>Assignees)?
  4. Created Systemize User accounts for all users in your company? Go back to Step 9 if not.
  5. Had each user confirm they can log in and had them successfully:
    1. Search for a Job.
    2. View the Calendar.
    3. View a list of Jobs ideally using one of their custom views, like Unconfirmed Template Appointments.
    4. Update the status of an Activity in a Job.

What is the best way to Go Live?

  • Commit to a Go Live date, preferably not a Friday.
  • Commit to entering all new jobs in Systemize starting on the Go Live date.
  • On Go Live Day, erase the whiteboard and hide the markers!
  • Celebrate with lunch, pizza, bottle of wine, etc.
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