Using Activity Packets

Activity Packets allow you to consistently print bundles of related Job information for your teams or customers. 

For example, you can set up a Template Packet that will print specific forms, attached PDFs or image files, and CounterGo drawings (if you use CounterGo). Instead of opening each Job and printing each item individually, you can tell Systemize to print the Template Packet for every Job with a Template scheduled on a given day.

To create a packet

  1. Go to Settings > Job > Activity Packets
  2. Press +Create at the top and enter a Name for your Packet. Press Save.
  3. To choose what will go into your Packet click the + to the right of Packet Items.add items into your activity packet

You can select the following:

  • Activity Form - select an Activity Form from Settings > Job > Activity Forms
  • Lead / Job Form - select a Job Form from the job settings page. Adding a Job Form multiple times will print it multiple times in your packet. 
  • Quote Form - select a Quote Form from the Quote Settings page.
  • CG-Quote Form - select a CounterGo Quote Form from the CounterGo Quote Settings page. (Only available with CounterGo)
  • Job Issue Form - select a Job Issue Form from the Job Settings page
  • Account Issue Form - select an Account Issue Form from the Account Settings page
  • Attached Image File - from a job, quote or account (Only files with an extension of .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, or .png)
  • Attached CAD file - from a job, quote or account (Only files with an extension of .dxf or .dwg)
  • Attached PDF file -from a job, quote, or account (Only files with a .pdf extension)
  • Page Break - add page breaks as desired

Printing your Activity Packet

To print from your Calendar, click the Print icon from the top navigation menu.

Print packets or forms form the calendar   Complete the following:

  • Date - select the first day of data you want to print
  • Activity Types - select specific activities or leave blank to print data for all activities
  • Assigned To - select specific assignees or leave blank to print data for all assignees
  • Number of Days - select the number of days you want to print
  • Page Breaks - select the criteria for page breaks
  • Packet or Form - click on the drop-down list and select the packet to print.

Tip: Activity Packets can also be printed from the Job Detail page by clicking a Job Activity and clicking the Print icon.

Print packets or forms from a job activity

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