Create A Purchase Order For A Specific Job

With Systemize Inventory Edition, you can create a Purchase Order for a specific Job. To assign the Serial Numbers to the Job before the Material is received see Related Articles below.

  1. Open the Job and assign Material to an Activity as usual. If you receive an error message "No Available Serial Numbers" there are no slabs available.

    no available serial numbers

  2. Exit out of that window and click on the Product Variant

    product variant

  3. Enter the estimated quantity needed for this Job.

    enter quantity

  4. You will see Unserialized Material allocated to the Job.

    Unserialized Material allocated to the Job

  5. Scroll down to the Related Purchase Orders section and click +Create Purchase Order

    create purchase order

  6. Toward the bottom of the PO, click the +Material button. 

    add materialNOTE: Before adding PO Lines, the Status of the Purchase Order will be Not Ordered.

  7. The Product Variant you added to the activity will be available for you to select and save.

    select and save

  8. The Product Variant you selected will be added to the PO. 

    Product Variant you selected will be added to the PO

  9. If you browse to examine your inventory, this Product Variant will be listed as both On Order and Allocated.

    will show as on order and allocated