Save A Job View

When you use Options to add Filters and select Display Fields, you can save that Job View with a new name or overwrite the existing View. See Related Articles below for more information on using Options.

To overwrite an existing Job View

  1. After making changes to the view via Options, click the Views button.
  2. Click the Save a job view
  3. Click the "..." button next to Name and select the Job View to job view from existing list
  4. Click Save.

To save a Job View with a new name

  1. After making changes to the view via Options, click the Views button.
  2. Click the Save a job view
  3. Select Shared View to make the view available to others or select My View to create a private View. If you are an Admin user you will also have the option to create an External View for any External Users you have. See Related Articles form more information on External Users.
  4. Enter a Name for the View. If you want this new View to be your default View, check Make this my default View.

  5. Click Save.

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