Create A Remnant For Broken Material: Tracking By Square Feet

This article supports Legacy Inventory, previously known as Systemize Inventory Edition, which is supported but no longer available for purchase.

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If you have a broken slab, "consume" the original slab in a fake Job, and then create the Remnant. We recommend that you create one Job, or one Job per year, called "Inventory Adjustments 2019".  Every time you need to remove an item from Inventory without assigning it to a real Job, create an Activity on this Inventory Adjustment Job, allocate the material and mark it complete.

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  1. Create an Inventory Adjustment Job, or open the one you have already made.
  2. Create an Activity in this Inventory Adjustment Job.
  3. Allocate the Material and mark it Complete.inventory adjustment job
  4. Create the Remnant directly from the Inventory Adjustment Job as you usually do. The Remnant will have a new Serial Number, but it will retain the Batch Number and an easily traceable history back to the original Purchase Order.

    create remnant