Job View: Jobs With Past Due Activities

Creating and saving a Job Views that lists of all the Jobs that have late Activities that are less than 30 days old can help make sure nothing falls through the cracks. See Related Articles below for more on Job Statuses and saving Job Views.

  1. Go to Jobs > Options and click + Filters.
    filter button
  2. Filter Type: Job Activity Status
    Activity Type: Select at least one Activity. Click the double checkmarks for multiple activities.
    Start Date: Click the "..." icon > Range of Dates
    From: Date far in the past
    To: Click the "..." icon > # of days ago > 1
    Status: Is Not Complete
  3. Filter Jobs by Activity Status

  4. Click Save and then click Apply to see a list of any Jobs with assigned Activities dated less than 30 days ago that are not complete or canceled.
    Job View
  5. Save this View for quick access in the future.

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