Job View: Uninstalled Jobs

Job Views can function as To-Do lists for different people in your company. This view shows all Active Jobs where the install Activity has not been completed or canceled.

  1. Go to Jobs > Options.
  2. To ensure you are only viewing Active Jobs, those less than 30 days old, click + Filter and select:
    Filter Type: Job Field
    Job Field: Job Status
    Job Status Is: Active
    Click  Save
  3. Press + Filter  and select:
    Filter Type: Job Activity Status
    At least one
    Activity Type: Install
    Status: Is Not Complete, Canceled.
    Click the double checkmarks icon to select more than one.
    Click Save.Add job activity status filter
  4. Adjust the Fields to be included in the view by clicking + Display Fields.add display fields
  5. Save this View for quick access in the future, see Related Articles below for saving Job Views.

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