Job View: Jobs With Unscheduled Templates

Job Views can function as "To Do Lists" for different people in your company. Here's an example of how to see a list of Template Activities that are not yet scheduled. A scheduler would check this view to make sure no Jobs fall through the cracks while you're waiting to schedule the template.

  1. Go to Jobs > Options and click + Filters
    Filter button
  2. Filter Type: Job Activity Status
    Choose: At least one
    Activity Type: Template
    Start Date: Empty
    Filter View Box
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click + Display Fields. Select the columns for the Job View so all the information needed to make calls is visible.
  5. Click the Fields you would like on the left and you will see them added to your list on the right. 

    Job Fields

  6. Once you've made your selections click Apply. In this example, we've created a list of Jobs where the Template has not been scheduled. If you Click on the "No Date" for one of these Jobs and add a date, then that Job will disappear from this View - because it is no longer on this To Do List.
    Job View of non-scheduled templates
  7. Save this View for quick access in the future. See Related Articles for more information on saving Views.