Job View: Call To Confirm Templates Or Installs

Job Views can function as "To Do Lists" for different people in your company. Here's an example of how to see a list of customers with a template scheduled in the next week so you can call to confirm the date and time. Think of how much money you could save by eliminating wasted trips to customers who aren't ready!

  1. Go to Jobs > Options and click + Filters
    Filter Button
  2. Filter Type: Job Activity Status 
    Choose: At least one 
    Activity Type: Template (or Install)
    Start Date: On or before 5 days from today
    Status: Is Not (click double checkmarks) Confirmed, Complete or Canceled
    Press Save.

    Template Filter

  3. Select the fields for the Job View so your scheduler has all the information needed to make calls visible in one view. Click + Display Fields.
  4. Click the fields you would like on the left and you will see them added to your list on the right. 

    Fields of the Filter

  5. Once you've made your selections click Apply.  Now you will have a  list of only the Jobs with Template (or Install) Activities that are scheduled but unconfirmed.

    Job View of Templates

  6. After talking to a customer and confirming the Template date/time, you can click the Date and change the Status to Confirmed. Now this Job will no longer be included in this View because it's not on this To Do List.
    Confirmed Status

  7. We recommend saving this View for quick access in the future.

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