Inactivate Or Remove A Systemize User

Users can be disabled = made inactive, or removed/deleted = gone forever.

If a User has left your company, we recommend that you Disable the User instead of removing them, to make it easier to look back at the history of what they worked on. When a User is created accidentally or if they never logged in, then deleting/removing them is advisable.

When a User is disabled they can not log in to Systemize and they no longer are considered active users. Disabled Users do not count for Moraware billing purposes in the monthly subscription total.

What's the difference between Delete and Remove? If the User is in Systemize only, the option will be Delete. If a User is in both Systemize and CounerGo, the option will be to Remove them from Systemize, they will not be removed from CounterGo.

 See the Related Article below for removing a Systemize user from CounterGo.

RECOMMENDED: Disable a User

  1. Go to Settings > Users & Roles > Users > click the desired User Name.
  2. Check the Disabled box and click Save.
    disable a Systemize user

Delete / Remove a User

  1. Go to Settings > Users & Roles > Users > click the desired User Name.
  2. Click the Delete or Remove icon then select Delete again.

    Remove a user from Systemize