Create A Remnant For A Broken Slab: Tracking By Each

Create Remnant from Serial Number Details

If you have a broken slab, you can create remnants for the salvaged pieces. This will generate new serial numbers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should not create a remnant this way for a piece that's leftover from a job. To do that, you should create the remnant directly from the job.

You can't create a remnant (or an adjustment) on a serial number when the serial number balance is 0. If you try, you'll get this error message:error getting new remnant

In that situation you should create the remnant directly from the job.

Create a remnant for a broken slab

  1. Go to the serial number details for the original slab and click +Remnant
  2. Enter the estimated quantity (eg. .5 or .75) of the remaining useful piece. You might also enter a description and adjust the Cost. Save.

    enter quantity and discription

  3. A new serial number has been created for the remnant - notice the remaining On-Hand Balance left on the original serial number

    new serial number created

  4. If the slab cleaved into 2 clean pieces, you might make 2 remnants. More commonly, there are pieces too small to use that get thrown away - those are represented by the On-Hand Balance. To get rid of that On-Hand Balance (because you had to throw it away), click +Adjustment

    add adjustment

  5. Enter the negative of the On-Hand Balance in the adjustment, along with a description of the reason for the adjustment.

    Enter the negative of the On-Hand Balance

  6. Now the On-Hand Balance is 0, so the original serial number will no longer show up in inventory

    on hand balance 0