Sample Report: Leads Converted To Jobs

When you add a "Lead Created Activity to your Lead Template and a "Job Sold" Activity to your Job Template, you can gather information conversion rates. This article will outline a Report that you can export to Excel. See Related Articles below for help creating the Activities and updating your Lead and Job Templates.

  1. Create a Lead Activity called "Lead Created" and set the default status to Complete. 

    Add lead activity

  2. Update your  Lead Template to include the "Lead Created" Activity.

  3. Create a Job Activity called "Job Sold" and set the default status to Complete

    Add Job activity

  4. Update the  Job Template to include the "Job Sold!" Activity.

  5. Now you can create a Report to list all new Jobs and include a column for the Lead Created Date and Job Salesperson as well. 

    Report options for leads that become jobs

  6. Notice that some Jobs have no Lead Created Date, so they started as Jobs. Exclude those Jobs if you're trying to look at how well your Sales team is doing. 

    Report result of leads created

  7. Use the Export button at the top of the Report to create a file you can open in a spreadsheet application. Export button for reports

  8. Open the exported .csv file in Excel to apply additional filters.