Negative Inventory Amounts


Why do I have negative numbers in inventory?

negative inventory numbers


Negative amounts will occur in a few instances:

  • You consume material you haven't received.
  • You complete a job activity with allocated product you are tracking by serial numbers without selecting a serial number.
  • You create a remnant with larger measurements than the original piece.

To investigate what happened, view the inventory transactions.

  1. Go to  Inventory and Click on the product variant.
  2. Click on  View Transactions.

    view transactions

  3. Click on the  Options button and change the date to see transactions that happened prior to today.

    change calendar date

The reference column will show you job name, purchase order or serial number depending on the transaction. To make a correction, you can edit the material allocation on the job, change the purchase order or create an inventory adjustment. See the Related Article below to create an inventory adjustment.