Set Sink Products In Inventory

Some users keep track of the sinks they have on hand in Systemize Inventory. If you are unsure about how to move forward adding your sinks, we're here to help! We strongly recommend that you schedule a call with us to talk things through before you jump in, but here is some information to help you make informed decisions.


Most people use Brand as the Product, and then they use Model #/Description combined as the first Attribute. Sometimes it makes sense to add Color/Finish as a second Attribute. So the structure would look like this:

In this example, the "Acme Sink Model" could be just a model number or the model number and description:

You'll want to consider how you talk about the sinks when allocating to a Job or creating a PO, like this:

You might not need a second Attribute. If a brand has different Model numbers for the different colors, then you might NOT want to add a second attribute. Instead, just list the color in the description with the Model number. For example, you wouldn't need a second attribute for these Houston Sinks because they come in Model 123-S for Stainless and 123-W  for White.

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