Calendar View: Daily Square Footage Totals

By using the Subtotal feature when creating a Calendar View, the daily total of any custom Job Field or Form Field that is the type Numerical can be displayed. The example below shows Sqft. but the same process can be used for any numerical Job field or Form field.

total square feet by day calendar
To add subtotals to your calendar

  1. Add a Job Field or Form Field selecting Number for the data type. See Related Articles below if you need help adding those fields.
  2. Enter values in the new Square Feet field for each Job scheduled
  3. Go to Calendar > Options.
  4. Scroll down to Subtotals and click the double-check marks.
  5. Select the Fields and Activities you would like to include in the subtotals.
  6. Click Save.activity and field to subtotal
  7. To save this view see Related Articles below.

To show the Square Feet on each activity on the calendar

  1. Go to Calendar > Options.
  2. Click the + to the right of Display Fields.
  3. Find and click the Square Feet field.
    select square feet to display on calendar
  4. Drag and drop to change the order and then click Apply.