Sample Report: Activity Details

Most of the time, a Job View or Calendar View is sufficient to show information about Activities. Sometimes, the additional power and flexibility that Reports provide are needed. Here are the details of creating a Report showing Activity Details.

Creating your Activity Report

  1. Go to Reports > +Create.
  2. Choose your Time Selection and Reporting Date.
  3. Click the  "..." button to the right of the Measure box.
    Subject Area: Job Activity
    Measure: Number of Job Activities
    by Time Field: Activity Dateedit measure to create a report by activity type
  4. Press the + to the right of Display Fields to choose appropriate Job Activity (and Job) fields.Select display fields for report on activity type
  5. Click Save and then Apply to see the Report.
  6. To save your Report see Related Articles.

Adding Filters to your Report

There are many ways to filter your report information.  To add a filter press the + icon to the right of Filters.

add filter to report options

For example, you could add a filter for Process to see only your Leads.

filter by processAnother example, you could add a filter to see only one Activity Type.

filter by activity type