Sample Report: Number Of Sales By Salesperson

In order to make this Report, you need to create an Activity Type called "Job Sold!" or something similar. Add the Activity to the Job Template so that when a Job is created this Activity Type is automatically added with the status of Complete, to indicate the "start" of the Job. For help on adding Activity Types see Related Articles below.

The reason to create and run this Report is to highlight how many Jobs were sold by each Salesperson over a period of time.

report of number of jobs by salesperson

To create this report

  1. Go to Reports > +Create.
  2. Choose the time selection and reporting date.
  3. Press "..." to the right of Measure:
    Subject Area: Job
    Measure: Number of Jobs
    by Time field: Job Sold! Date
    Select First in Job
  4. Click the + to the right of Display Fields,
    add Job Salesperson.
  5. Click Save and Apply.
  6. To save this Report see Related Articles.
    Report options for number of jobs by salesperson