Summary Of Systemize Icons

As you navigate through  Systemize, you will see certain icons appear in different places. If you are not sure what an icon does, you can always place your cursor over it, don't move the mouse, then a brief description will appear.

happening today iconThe Activity is happening today.
lae activity iconThe Activity is late.
assignee overbooked icon An Assignee is overbooked.
The Job or account has an urgent issue. urgent warning icon
open issue iconThe Job or account has an open issue, or a dependency rule has been violated.
edit iconEdit icon: When you see this icon, click to see available options to edit for that area or field.
Add / Create IconAdd / Create icon: This icon appears in areas when you can add something, like adding a Job Form to a Job, or create something.
multiple iconMultiple icon: This icon is found in places where you can add or edit multiple things at once, like selecting multiple activities.
print iconPrint icon: Allows for printing of forms and packets.
map iconMap icon: The Map icon appears near addresses and uses Google Maps to show locations.
duplicate iconDuplicate icon: Duplicate appears when the option to make a copy is available.
Activity series iconSeries icon: The Series icon appears in Activities to create an Activity that spans multiple days.
Delete iconDelete icon: The Delete icon appears in areas where you can delete information. Use this carefully, deleted information can not be restored.
Move iconMove icon: The Move icon gives you the option to move information from one area to another, like moving a Job form one Account to another.
change log iconChange Log icon: The Change Log icon appears in several places, allowing you to view specific or global changes.
calendar iconCalendar icon: When you see the Calendar icon, click to select a date from a pop-up calendar.
convert iconConvert To: The Convert icon appears when there is the option to convert information from one Process to another, like converting a Lead to a Job.