Lead View: Leads Activities Missing Dates

You can create and save Lead Views the same way you can create Job and Calendar Views, to customize how you view information at a glance. It may be useful to check for Leads that have incomplete Activities that weren't assigned a date because those Activities will not appear on the Calendar and may get overlooked. The example below creates a Lead View that will list Activities that do not have an assigned date. For more information on saving Lead Views, see Related Articles below.

  1. Click on Leads from the left side navigation.
  2. Click on Options from the top menu.lead view options
  3. Click on the + icon across from Filters.
  4. Add a Filter to search for Activities that do not have a date selected for Activities by choosing:
    Filter Type: Lead Activity Status
    At least one
    Activity Type: select the appropriate Activities
    Start Date: Empty
    Status: Anyfilter lead view by activities with no date
  5. Click Save then click Apply and the View will list any Lead where your selected Activities do not have a date assigned.Lead view showing activities with no assigned dates