L-Shaped Remnants

When creating a remnant while tracking material by square feet or square meters, you can only enter a length and width. There is no built-in concept of remnant shape. Many fabricators note the shape and additional dimensions in the Description Field as they create the remnant. 

  1. Start in the Job that has the original slab assigned and click on the Serial Number of the original slab.
  2. From the Serial Number Allocation window, click +Remnant.add remnant
  3. Enter the longest length and width in the Measurement fields, and then add additional notes in the Description field.
  4. Click Save.enter l shaped remnant info in description Note: If you're tracking the material by "Each" rather than "Square Feet," see Related Articles below.
  5. If you choose to attach a photo, you can open the Serial Number Info for the new remnant and click +Attach Fileadd files to serial number to show remnant shape