List Jobs With Unserialized Inventory

Sometimes you will find Unserialized Material in your collection of Serialized Inventory. This may be accidental or done to allocate Material as a placeholder because the Product was out of stock. It is important to keep an eye on those Jobs to make sure that the material gets ordered and properly allocated to the Job. Here is one way to create a list of Jobs with any Unserialized Inventory.

  1. Create an Inventory View that includes the Serial Number and only shows Allocated Material
    create inventory view that shows allocated material
  2. Sort by the Serial Number column by clicking on the column header. All the Unserialized items will be brought to the top of the page.
    sort by serial number
  3. In this example, the Acme Sink Product is intentionally Unserialized, but the Cambria Product is Serialized.
    Click on the Product Variant and view the Inventory Transactions to learn what Job the Material is allocated to.
    click product variant to view transactions an find job allocated to
  4. Click on the Job name to see, and correct, the allocated Unserialized Material. For more on correcting Unserialized Material see Related Articlesallocated unserialized material in a job
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