Inventory Report: Material Consumed During A Specific Time Period

This report shows the Material that was allocated to a Job and consumed over a specific period.  This can be useful for determining the usage of specific Products or Colors over time.  

  1. Go to Reports > +Create.
  2. Set Time Selection: desired time frame.
  3. Select the following for Subject Area, Measure and byTime Field. Click Save.
    selections for consumed material report
  4. Press the + to the right of Filter and select the following for Filter TypeActivity Field, and Activity Field.
    Click Save.
    report filter settings for consumed material in a specific range
  5. Click the + to the right of Display Fields.
    Add  Allocated Product to see Products.
    Add  Allocated Product Variant to see individual colors.
    Click  Save. Click Apply to see the Report.
    add display fields to see allocated product variant