Inventory Report: Material Allocated To Future Activities

For purposes of determining what Materials/Colors are going to be consumed and potentially need to be ordered, a Report showing Material, specifically Product Variants, allocated to future fabrication Activities is very useful.

NOTE: For this to work properly, it is necessary to allocate Material, even if you don't already have it on-site, to future fabrication activities. See Related Articles below for information on assigning material with, or without, a Serial Number.

example report material allocated to future activities

  1. Click Reports from the left navigation menu then +Create from the top navigation bar.
  2. Click the ... to the right of Measure and use the Edit Measure settings below.edit measure subject area: job activity measure: total alloc prod quantity, time field fab date, last in phase
  3. Click the + to the right of Filters and add a Job Activity Status filter where Fabrication or the Activity type you allocate Material, is NOT Canceled or Complete.add filter fabrication not complete
  4. Click the + to the right of Display Fields and add Allocated Product Variant.add display field allocated product variant
  5. To save your Report, see Related Articles.