Delete A Purchase Order

Before deleting a Purchase Order all line items in the Purchase Order must be deleted. First, clear any PO Receipts then clear the PO Lines.

  1. Open the Purchase Order to delete. 
  2. Click the Delete icon to the right of PO Receipts.
    If the item to delete is not displayed, it has been allocated to a Job. Delete the Allocation first.delete PO reciepts
  3. Check the top checkbox to select all the items. Click Save. Click Delete to confirm.check all items to delete all PO receipts
  4. In the PO Lines section click the underlined description.  
  5. Click the Delete icon at the top then Delete to confirm.delete PO lines
  6. Once all PO Lines are removed, click the Edit icon across from Purchase Order Info.
  7. Click the Delete icon in the Edit Purchase Order box and then confirm.delete purchase order