Inventory View: Material To Be Ordered

This article supports Legacy Inventory, previously known as Systemize Inventory Edition, which is supported but no longer available for purchase.

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It's useful to get a workflow in place that will help you to plan the Material you need to order. Here are a few suggestions, but please call 800-312-9273 or email us at if you'd like to discuss which workflow would be the best fit for you. See Related Articles below for more information on the ideas mentioned in this article.

Suggestion 1: Create a Report that shows incomplete Activities with Allocated Materials. By having Salespeople allocate Material to the Job at the point of sale, you can use this Report to see everything you'll need to order for ongoing Jobs. 

Suggestion 2: Set Threshold Warnings and create a View that will keep an eye on those. By setting Thresholds for your most popular colors, you can ensure you'll see when you are getting low and then can order more. 

Suggestion 3: Create a Purchasing View to show only POs with a status of Not Ordered. You can have Salespeople start POs using the Material they need for the Job, but instruct them not to add the PO Lines thus the new PO will have a status of Not Ordered. Then the person responsible for placing orders can go into this View to and complete the POs. 


  1. Go to Purchasing and click Options.
  2. Clear any existing Filters and click the Add icon to the right of Filters.
  3. The Filter Type should bee PO Field. This View filters the PO Field for Status and is Not Ordered.
    not ordered purchase orders