Transition From Job Tracker To Systemize

Systemize has streamlined all the functionality of JobTracker and added powerful new features in an interface optimized for mobile devices.

If you also use CounterGo, the Orders feature allows you to automatically pull information like Price, Material, Color, Square Feet, Splash and Edge into Jobs when created, and integrate with QuickBooks.

We understand that it may take some time to adapt to the different look and feel, even though you are a seasoned JobTracker user. Most features you were previously using will still be available.

Whether you're wondering where certain functions are now located, or are thinking about doing an overhaul on your processes, we are committed to your success transitioning to Systemize. Explore the Related Articles below, browse the Knowledge Base of articles and videos, give us a call, or email one of our friendly Systemize Support experts at

One Click Navigation: Instead of lots of pop up menus, one click opens the item, where you can then create, edit or just view information.

New icons: Large, easy to see icons update the interface and make it easier to use on mobile devices.some Systemize icons

Navigation: Instead of two navigation bars across the top, the global navigation is now along the left side and the sub-navigation remains along the top.systemize global and page navigation locations

Settings: are no longer nested under each feature, instead Systemize has a global Settings along the left side with sub directories for all features.Systemize global settings with sub directories

User Roles: Previously you may have assigned Users multiple Roles. Those will remain in place, but going forward Users can only have one Role. Multiple permissions can be assigned by modifying Roles instead of assigning several to the same User.systemize roles and options

Job Statuses: The Job Status is derived from the Activity Status of all the Activities in the Job. Systemize Job Statuses can be used as Filters to customize Job Views. Systemize offers new Job Statuses to help organize and track your Jobs.

Complete, 30+ days, unscheduled and active job statuses

Orders: If you also use CounterGo, you can now create Orders from Quotes when a customer decides to go forward, then turn that Order into a Job. Using Orders eliminates the need to manually enter details form the Quote that are needed in a Job, like Price, Material, Color, Square Feet, Splash and Edge. Orders also allows you to integrate CounterGo with QuickBooks.Order information in Systemize