EE: Definition Of Terms For Sell Products

Sell Products are the products and services that you enter to use in Quotes.

Unit of Measure: Describes the measure used when pricing the Product such as square feet, linear feet, linear inch, or each.

Product Family/Product Line: These are categories used for filtering and sorting Products. Each Product Family can have multiple Product Lines under it. For example, the Solid Surface Product Family could have Corian, Hi-Macs and Avonite Product Lines. Products can be moved to a different Product Family or Product Line. The Product Family and Product Line do not print on the Quote.

Product: General name such as Silestone, Sink, or Edge. The Product prints on the Quote along with any Product Attributes.

Product Attribute: General category name that describes an aspect of the Product. For example, Silestone Color, Sink Model or Edge Profile.

List of Values: Specific values for a Product Attribute. For example, the List of Values for an Edge Profile might contain Ogee, Bullnose and Round Over.

Product Variant: A combination of the values of a Product's Attributes. For example, a Product named "Corian Sink" with Product Attributes for "Sink Model" that contains #802 and #810 and "Sink Color" that contains Glacier White and Bisque, will generate a Product Variant for each combination of sink model and color; Corian Sink #802 Glacier White and Corian Sink #802 Bisque, Corian Sink #810 Glacier White and Corian Sink #810 Bisque.

Price Groups: One or more Product Variant that have the same price. This simplifies the maintenance of prices. In the example above for Product Variants, if the price of all the #810 sink models were the same regardless of color, all of the Product Variants for #810 sink model could be put in the same Price Group.

Price List: Contains the Products you sell and the associated prices. You may create multiple price lists. The Price List will determine which products and prices are displayed when creating a Quote using the Price List. Some examples of common Price Lists are: Retail, Builder, and Wholesale.