EE: Add A New Value To A Parent Field

New Values can be added to existing Parent Fields, then a Price Group can be generated for the new Value once Colors are assigned to it.

It is important to complete all three steps, Add A Value To A Parent Field, Assign Colors, and Generate A Price Group, in order.

In this example, Silestone Color attribute has a Parent Field named "Silestone Color Group" with the values Group A and Group B but now needs a new Value "River Series".


  1. Go to Settings > Quote > Product Attributes.
  2. Click on the Attribute that needs the new Value.
  3. Click on the Parent Field to open the Parent Field Info page.
  4. Click on the Add Value icon and add the new value.add a value to an existing parent field


  1. Go to Settings > Quote > Product Attributes.
  2. Click on the Attribute to update.
  3. Click the Add Values icon and enter any new colors if they have not already been added.
  4. Click Parent Field Value and assign colors to the new Parent Field Value.assign colors to a parent field


  1. Go to Settings > Quote > Prices > click on any Product Variant for the Product.
  2. Click on the Edit Price Groups icon.
  3. Click the Assign Price Group icon in order to generate Price Groups.
  4. Select the Price List, choose the appropriate Parent Field in the Product Attribute area, and opt to delete or keep empty Price Groups.

generate a price group from a parent field