EE: Create Price Groups

Need to make a new Price Group for a Product Color? There are two basic steps involved, first create the new Price Group, then enter a Price for the Price Group.

Once Price Groups have been created, additional Colors can be added.

  1. Go to Settings > EE-Quote > Products.
  2. Click the Product name.
  3. Click on the Price List to update.Select a product price list to add a price group
  4. Click on the Color to move.
  5. Click on the Edit Price Groups a color to add to a new price group
  6. Choose the Color(s) to add to the new Price Group then click the Move Product Variants icon.
  7. Name the Price Group and Save.create a new produt price group
  8. Click on "No Price" to add a Price for the new Price Group.add a price to a new price group