Add A Logo To A Job Form

Want to add your logo and company contact information to a Job Form? Update the Header Field of any Job Form.

In new databases, the Header Field will be empty, prompting you to add a logo and address.

To update a logo or company information in an existing Job Form, click in the Header Field where the current information is displayed.

Your logo must be saved as a  BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG or PNG.

PDF images can not be uploaded.

  1. Go to Settings > Job > Job Forms > click on the Name of a Form to edit.
  2. .Click in the Header Field in the grey box that says Click to add company logo and address.
  3. Select the placement of the logo and info from the Header Position drop-down list.
  4. From the drop-down list for Logo, choose New Logo File. Browse and select your logo. 
  5. If the logo image should display at a certain height or width, enter in the optional Fields. It is recommended to enter a Height or a Width, but not both.
  6. Enter the Company Name and Address, and select formatting options from the Fields immediately following.
  7. Save the changes.