Calendar Quick Reference

The  Calendar in Systemize is a powerful tool for filtering and sorting your Job details. Many different Calendar Views can be created and saved to display information differently for different people. For examples of specific views, see Sample Views.

Calendar Views are highly customizable via the Customize button and can be saved for everyone to use (Shared View) or just for your use (My View).


  • To access the Calendar, click on Calendar from the left side navigation list.
  • To schedule a new Appointment or Job Activity, click anywhere on the Calendar.
  • To reschedule an Appointment or Job Activity either:
    • drag & drop an item on the Calendar.
    • click an existing item on the Calendar, select a Start Date.
  • Use Appointments to indicate when workers are on vacation or not available.
  • To change information for an Appointment or Activity, click on it to open the Edit dialog box and make changes. 
  • To change default Work Days or Scheduling Hours, go to Settings > Calendar > Settings > Click on the Edit icon to select workdays and hours.
  • Change the color for appointments in the steps above by clicking on the color box next to Appointment Color.

  • To change the size of the text on the Calendar, adjust your browser settings or use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + and Ctrl -.

  • The color of the box corresponds to the field selected for "Color Activities  By". Click the Customize button > look towards the bottom for Color Activities By > select from the drop-down list.
  • To change the status of an activity to Complete, click on the Activity in the Calendar and select "Complete" from the Status list.
  • To print the Calendar page as it appears on the screen, select Print from your browser's menu.
  • To print all items on the Calendar for a given day or to just print specific Activity Types or items for specific Assignees by clicking the Print icon.
  • To customize how the Calendar is displayed, you can create views by clicking the Customize button. If you create a View you want to keep, be sure to Save the view.
  • Save a View as a Shared View for all Users to have access to. Save Views as My Views that are displayed only for your User name and login.
  • The color of the text in the boxes indicates the status of the Activity. These colors can be changed by an Admin User. The default settings are: