Calendar View: Daily Activities For One Page Printing

Although it is easy for your crews to access Systemize from a cell phone, many fabricators still like to print a one-page summary of Activities each day. Here's a Daily Install Calendar formatted to print on one page.

  1. Go to CalendarOptions.
  2. For Number of Days select 1.
  3. For Display Type, select "Day & Assignee by Display Field."
    If you are creating a view for only one Assignee, choose Day by Display Field.
  4. Select the Activity Type you want to display.
  5. For Assigned To, click the checkmark icon to choose the Assignees you want to include. Select Unassigned also to ensure that no Activities fall through the cracks.
  6. Select the Display Fields that you want to become the columns in this Calendar View.
  7. Click Apply.