Change Assignee List Order

Need to make changes to the order Assignees are displayed in drop-down lists? Assignees can be displayed alphabetically or in a custom order.

The first time Assignees are created they will be added alphabetically by default. Click on any Sequence number to change from Alphabetical to Custom. 


  1. Go to Settings > Job > Assignees.
  2. Select A to Z to alphabetize the list.
  3. Click Save


  1. Go to Settings > Job > Assignees.
  2. Select Custom as the order type.
  3. Click on any of the underlined numbers in the Sequence column.
  4. Click and hold on the double arrow to the left of the Assignee and drag an entry up or down.
  5. OR type a number into the Sequence Number Field to move the Assignee up or down the list.
  6. Click Save