Common Questions About Systemize

Is there Customer Support?

Yes, we have real folks you can call at 866-312-9273, or email at, and an online Knowledge Base with videos and step-by-step articles for when you want to explore on your own. We love helping you solve your business problems with our products.

Can I customize what I see in a Job?

Yes, you can customize Job Forms to determine what information you gather and display in Jobs, Job Views, and Reports.

Do CounterGo and Systemize work together?

Yes, you can create Jobs from CounterGo Quotes or Orders. Both products are in the same database, switching between them is one click.

Can I customize what I see on the Calendar along with my crews?

Yes, you can easily create different Calendar Views for different Users or to display on a shop monitor.

Can I change the color-coding to match how we currently work?

Yes, it's easy to change the preset colors for activities. Our friendly support team will walk you through it on your first onboarding call if you need to make changes.

Can I track how much material I use, which colors, sales, etc?

Yes, you can use Systemize Reports to total information you track in your Jobs.

Can I track prospective customers?

Yes, using Systemize Leads you can keep track of potential customers and even create activities to schedule follow-ups like calls or emails.

Can I keep track of who is working on what without everyone being a User?

Yes, you can have Assignees in Systemize, which can be a person, a truck, a crew, to keep track of activities in your Jobs. Assignees can also be Users if they will need to enter information about Jobs into Systemize, but they don't have to be.