Create Assignees

Assignees are different from Users. An Assignee are associated with an Activity and can be viewed in Job Details and in Job & Calendar Views. Assignees can be people, or teams or even equipment. There is no charge for Assignees, they are not given a user name and login.

Assignees are added in alphabetical order the first time they are entered. After creating Assignees, click on any Sequence Number to order the Assignees in a custom list.

Some Assignees may also be Users. You will need to be an Admin User or have permission to Edit Settings in order to edit your list of Assignees. 

  1. Go to Settings > Job > Assignees > Create.
  2. Add Assignee names, one per line, then Save.
  3. Click on any underlined Assignee Name to edit Name, Color, add a Description, or Inactivate the Assignee.