Edit Job Activity Statuses

Job Activity Statuses are the cornerstone of tracking the progress of JobsStatus shows where an Activity is in the flow of work, from scheduling to completion.

Updating Job Activity Statuses as they change in real time are key to knowing exactly where a Job is in your workflow.

For a Job to Best considered closed, every Activity Status in the Job must be marked Complete or Canceled.

When editing, you can change the Name, Abbreviation, and display Color of Activity Statuses.

Status Options include confirming time changes and using particular statuses for Appointments. Emojis can be added to Names or Abbreviations

If a particular Status is no longer used, Inactivate it.  Inactivated Statuses will not be displayed, and they can be reactivated if needed. 

To add a deleted Status back, or create new ones, contact support@moraware.com.

  1. Go to Settings > Job > Activity Statuses.
  2. Click on the Name of a Status to edit.
  3. Enter any changes, then Save.