EE: Create & Use Quote Templates

Create a Quote Template and enter details that are similar in most Quotes, to speed up creating Quotes in the future. Templates can be made from a blank Quote or based off an existing Template.

For example, create a Template with all the Products and text lines usually included in a Quote, then use the Template as the starting point to quickly create a Quote by entering the measurements and choosing options.

When creating Quote Templates, if you enter a Discount or Tax Rate on a Quote Template it will only apply to Standalone Quotes. Quotes in Accounts use the Discount and Tax Rate selected in Account Details.


  1. Go to Quotes > Create Quote.
  2. Select Template for the Quote Type.
  3. Enter all of the details that should appear when creating a Quote from this Template in the future.


  1. Go to Quote > Create Quote.
  2. Enter a Quote Name, and select a Quote Template from the Start with Template drop-down list.
  3. Edit the Quote Lines as needed to enter the measurements, colors and options.