Electronic Signatures

Systemize and CounterGo do not currently have built-in support for capturing electronic signatures. However, it is possible to capture signatures via a tablet running a third-party app, then attach the signature image file to the Job or Quote. When storing signatures in Systemize, a good idea is to create a File Type of "Signature". 

Job Well Done integrates tightly with Systemize and is focused on helping your people in the field on Jobs. Job Well Done does a lot more than signatures, but capturing signatures is built in.

Search your app store for a PDF app that captures signatures. If you have technically savvy people, they may be able to capture the signature using such an app and then upload it manually into Moraware.

Some specific apps that Moraware customers have tried: 
SignEasy for iPad search for "SignEasy" in the app store, install it, test it, and make an account.
Once SignEasy is installed, go back to CounterGo and print a Quote as a PDF. You'll see an option at the top of the screen to "Open in SignEasy". Sometimes you have to tap near the top of the screen to make that option reappear. Have the customer sign it, use "2nd party" and/or "3rd party" signatures so that they're not saved, and email YOU a copy. Once that's done, you'll see an email icon that you can tap again to email the customer a copy.

SignDoc for Mobile Windows. In order to upload it right from a tablet, you'll need to use a Windows device like a Surface Pro.

Android apps