Enter Addresses - Job Vs Account

Not sure about how Job Address and Account Address are different? Every Job can have two distinct addresses. There can be an address for the location where the work is happening, the Job Address. There can also be an address for the Account if the Job is tracked under an Account for a builder, dealer, design service, or other.

Each Account can be set to either pull the Account Address as the Job Address, or leave the option to create a unique Job Address.

If you created an Account for this specific customer, then use the address you entered for the Account since that is the same as the Job location.

If this customer was created in an existing Account, then enter the address for the customer as the Job Address. This is the location where the work will be done.


  1. Go to Settings > Account > Accounts > Click on the name of the Account.
  2. Click the Edit icon to open the Account Info and check/uncheck to create a separate address for each Job in the Account.