Include Attached Files In Activity Packets

There are several file types that can be added to Activity Packets, including files that are attached in Accounts, CounterGo Quotes & Orders, and Systemize Jobs.

When a file is attached, it forever retains the association of where it was attached. For example, a file attached to a CounterGo Quote will be visible/ viewable under the resulting Job, but that attachment will always remain a CounterGo file attachment. To remove the file, it must be removed in CounterGo.

  1. Go to Settings > Job > Activity Packets.
  2. Create or Edit an Activity Packet.
  3. Click the Add icon to the right of Packet Items and select Attached File Type.
  4. Select where the file was attached.
  5. Repeat adding a new Packet Item for each remaining Type of Attached File in the list. This will ensure the file is included, regardless of where it was attached to a Job, Quote or Order.