Inventory View: Active Purchase Orders

This article supports Legacy Inventory, previously known as Systemize Inventory Edition, which is supported but no longer available for purchase.

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Track of your open Purchase Orders to ensure your Inventory is accurate. Having a view that shows all open POs can help to see everything Not OrderedOrdered, Partially Filled and Over-Filled.

These PO Statuses ultimately have an impact on your Inventory. They affect the On Order Qty, so it's important to keep this list information up-to-date. 

  1. Go to Purchasing > Options.
  2. Clear out any existing Filters and click the Add icon.
    For this View, the Filter Type is PO Field.
    The Values selected are  Not OrderedOrdered, Partially Filled and Over- FIlled.
  3. Choose the Display Fields to see and Apply.