Job Statuses Explained

The Job Status is derived from the Activity Status of all the Activities in the Job. We recommend you complete or cancel Activities in Systemize when they happen in real-time to keep your Jobs up to date.

Every Job has a Status that is one of the following:

  • COMPLETE: Hooray, everything is done!
    All the Activities in the Job are complete or canceled, or there are no Activities in the Job.
  • 30+ DAYS OLD: Uh-oh, forgot to complete or cancel Activities.
    There are Activities in the Job that are not complete or canceled, they have a date older than 30 days and there are no Activities with dates less than 30 days ago or in the future.
  • UNSCHEDULED: Oops, forgot to assign dates to Activities.
    There is an Activity that does not have a date assigned and all other dated Activities are in the Job are complete or cancelled.
  • ACTIVE: We're workin' over here.
    Jobs with open Activities that are dated less than 30 days ago or have dates in the future.

The  Job Status is displayed next to the Job Name. If there is no status shown, then the Job is Active