Overview Of Reconciling Inventory

This article supports Legacy Inventory, previously known as Systemize Inventory Edition, which is supported but no longer available for purchase.

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Reconciling your Inventory for the first time is a big project. The Related Article, Reconciling Inventory, will take you through the steps of creating lists and walking your yard. Equally important is to establish a routine for reconciling on a regular basis and get your teams on board with steps to ensure a smooth process.

To reconcile your Inventory compare what you have in your system to what you have in real life. When something is missing in real life or in your system, figure out why and update the system accordingly. Every time a slab is ordered, received, moved, or consumed in real life, record the same action in  Systemize Inventory. Performing periodic reconciliation can help you improve your process to prevent mistakes from happening in the future. 

If you're not currently using Serial Numbers, email us to discuss why we think it's important you do use them: support@moraware.com.


The Related Article, Reconciling Inventory, has detailed steps for reconciling. Below is a quick list of what will need to happen as you prepare to reconcile your Inventory.

  1. Check that all Job Activities, especially those with Material Allocated, are marked Complete.
  2. Check for mismatches in your Allocation and contact us if you need help fixing them.
  3. Create an Inventory Detail View then print a hard copy via your browser.
  4. Walk your yard, checking off slabs on the list and noting any that are not.
  5. Use Systemize Inventory to determine why you have discrepancies.


If you have so many slabs that it's hard to do even a rolling reconciliation in a reasonable time frame, you might start looking for a way to speed things up. A barcode scanning solution can help, but it won't perform miracles. A barcode scanning solution uses the same basic approach as discussed here. It just makes the comparison a bit faster.  You still have to put the same energy into investigating discrepancies.

Systemize Inventory does not include barcode scanning. It lets you print labels with barcodes on them, but it doesn't have a built-in way to scan those barcodes. We recommend that you talk with a third party vendor and their customers if you're interested in a barcode scanning solution.