Sample Report: Job Material & Colors From Orders

When Jobs are created from Orders information such as Product, Color, Edge, Price, Square Footage, and Sale Date are pulled into the Job and displayed under Orders in the Job.

A Report can quickly be created to total those details without having to enter that information into a Job Form. This example shows how to create a Report totaling Product and Color from the Order Area in Jobs created from Orders.

  1. Go to Reports > Create Report.
  2. Choose a Time Selection and Reporting Date, and select Job as the Measure.
    This example is measuring the Number of Jobs by their Job Creation Date.
  3. After saving the Measure selection, click Add Display Fields icon and select the Fields to show.
    This example uses Area Product and Area Color from the Order Area Fields.
  4. Apply the selections.
  5. The Report results are displayed. Click on Options from the top menu bar to adjust your Report if needed.
  6. To quickly access this Report again be sure to Save it.